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What truly makes a microphone the best microphone? Is it the Design? Company? Price Point? The Mic Lab believes the best microphone is the one that meets your needs and desires at the lowest price possible.

In this round up we are going to analyze the best microphones 2017 has to offer. Every microphone and Supplier is exceptional in many ways. They represent the biggest and the best microphone brands that have been providing the highest quality for microphone buyers across the world. These microphone companies continue to break ground and create a new definition of what it means to have the best audio and sound devices.

Best Microphone for 2017

We get asked all the time to simply name a microphone and award it as the best microphone brand of the year. But there are so many factors involved when creating a well designed, manufactured, and serviced microphone. MicGuru does not believe that any one microphone is perfect for 100% of your audio needs.

Each of us has our own uses, budgets, and other needs that will make each particular microphone a little better or worse.Each of the following microphones is those that I believe offers the best value, performance, meet the vast needs of the majority of audio equipment users, and are designed and serviced by companies that we feel truly take into account the end users needs over everything else.

With that said, I am pleased to present the best microphones for 2017.

The table below lists all of the microphones that are part of our best microphone brands for 2017 list. This will help you navigate more appropriately and find the best solution for your audio and sound needs. Keep in mind that every microphone on this may not be a perfect match for every single audio user.I’ve done my best to include various microphone types with audio specializations so that you’d have a better chance of finding the microphone that’s perfect for you.

When you feel like you have a better grasp on which microphone might be a better match for your needs click here to be taken down the page to our detailed summaries or take a look at our microphone reviews page to see the full review. If you want to see what my selection process looks like and what it takes for a microphone to make the cut click here to see the requirement and scoring criteria.

Sound Technica ATR2100

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#Best Microphone For Podcasting

This microphone receives the highest praises from John Lee Dumas and Tim Ferriss, both of which are to a great degree prevalent podcasters. It’s the perfect USB microphone for pod casting that delivers high-quality sound. There are plenty of great reviews for this affordable beginner podcasting mic on Amazon. If you are looking to get the best bang for your buck this is the right microphone for podcasters who are beginners or just looking to have another option. For the cost of $64.59, you can’t beat the value that the ATR2100 provides.
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The Blue Yeti

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Best Microphone For Streaming

There are a few drawbacks with this mic explained in the full review but overall the Blue Yeti is the best microphone for streaming. The volume control on the Microphone saves a lot of time. The Blue Yeti has a higher sticker price but the value that you are getting easily exceeds the price you pay.
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Tonor Professional

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Best Microphone For Youtube

This is one of the cheapest beginner microphones for YouTubers but do not be fooled by the price. The best youtube microphone needs to have top tier quality. The quality is good enough to get the job done and the stand comes in handy if you want to be a little more alive on camera. If you have a higher budget check out our top 5 youtube mic list below.

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AntLion Mod Mic

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Best Attached Microphone For Gaming

The AntLion Mod Mic has to be mentioned when it comes to microphones for gamers. If you are like me then you can get pretty active when you’re in mid game and kicking ass. I need a microphone that will allow me to be in game mode while I’m throwing my controller around in the living room. The AntLion delivers high quality so the shit talking is heard clear 😉

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Best Microphone Requirements & Scoring Criteria

Choosing the best Microphone for 2017 isn’t an easy task. We’ve had to take into account 100’s of companies and dozens of premier models when making this list.

My best microphone list is always evolving and always being updated for you to access and make the right call for yourself. As time progresses we will be adding microphones that have proven themselves to best suit the needs of our viewers. This also means that there are times when you no longer see a mic that was previously listed because we have found others to replace it.

What comes as an intriguing fact is that the microphone comes with different skill set and specifications. It totally depends up on your usage needs and what do you plan to do with it. For more info about microphone specifications click here.

Microphones that make the cut for our best mic list must have the highest quality for the following criteria:

Sensitivity: Sensitivity is what a microphone responds to the change in the air pressure. If the environment contains a ton of sonic details then it is advised to have a highly sensitive microphone with you. You may record the best of the acoustic guitar recordings through a deemed sensitive mic.

SPL Handling: Sound pressure level or SPL is measured in decibels; the term defines the peak volume a mic can accommodate. It can be said that the SPL is the reciprocal of the sensitivity. The SPL handling comes to your savior when you want a mic to work proficiently amidst the loud sounds of heavy instruments, it can be drums and much more.

Proximity Effect: Are you a singer and want a perfect mic so that you can work over the mic to create effects? Well, proximity effect is yet another aspect and is of utmost importance. The strong proximity effect can result in a mic to bring out its bass tones in an exuberant way. Condenser microphones are the ones that are proficient enough to churn out more proximity effect than the ordinary dynamic mics.

Polar patterns: The pattern signifies the field of sensitivity for a particular direction. In other words, the mic has the capability to ignore or accept the incoming sounds amidst the different directions. For example, a deemed omnidirectional mic is highly sensitive to the sounds coming from all the directions.

On the other hand, the bidirectional microphone only catches the sound coming from east and west, the sound waves from north & south are completely ignored. Another category of the mic is the unidirectional microphone, the device inculcates the sound from just one direction while ignoring the others.

There are three patterns named as Hypercardioid, cardioid and the super-cardioid. The heart shape pattern is formed by the cardioid mics, the unique property is that it rejects the sound waves coming from 180 degrees from the back of the mic. The super-cardioid mic accepts a little more sound around the 180-degree field. The Hypercardioid mic rejects sounds coming amidst from 90 or 270 degrees respectively.

Frequency Comeback: Frequency comeback or response is yet another exuberant quality of a good microphone that enables the user to pick up a discreet range of frequencies. The lowest value of frequency, as well as the highest value, can be determined. If you’re looking forward to availing the best of the vocal mic than a microphone with an 80 Hz to 15 kHz can be the best pick for you.

Retort Arcs: It is known that the frequency response only equips the user to use the mic efficiently over a specified range, but what comes as a great news for the enthusiasts is that with retort arcs, the user can know how the mic performs at different frequencies. The property provides a character to the mics as well. The retort arcs tell us about how efficiently the mic is performing through a detailed graph, including peaks and dips.

Noise Handling: It can be said that the diaphragm works through conversion of vibrations from sound waves into the electrical signals. Unless & until the mic has been installed with a great protection system, the device can’t just differentiate amidst the desirable sound from the noise.

Impedance factor: Impedance can be one of the most important factors that determine the output quality of the mic. The microphones with high impedance rating are generally cheap, in other words, the microphones don’t perform well with long cables. The cable length range gets restricted to just 5 to 8 meters with a mic with high impedance. The microphones with the low impedance value are favored.

Feedback: The unique ability is present in the dynamic mics, they are great for on stage performances. The mics eliminate the common problem of feedback, in other words when there are a lot of mics recording numerous sounds in a close vicinity, the problem of feedback arises.

As you can see, our selection process is pretty technical and we’ve done our best to take the guess work out for you. If you’re looking forward to having a microphone for the aspects like recording, podcasting or even for making exquisite YouTube videos, you must avail the different hardware specs that are meant to provide the top-notch experience to the user. People generally get mixed up between condenser mics and dynamic mics. We can say no microphone is viable for every situation, as the requirement varies, the specifications change for the viability of the user.