Top 5 Microphones For YouTubers Reviews 2018

The most successful YouTubers out there are having a time of their life. Their contents are diverse and they have great videos. Many YouTube videos are high definition i.e. 4k video quality or even 1080 HD. What then separates the most successful videos from the unsuccessful ones?

The sound is the main part of the video that most YouTubers forget, with a great audio you attract listeners who end up subscribing to your channel. Most semi-pro videos and even at times the professional ones sometimes tend to forget about the sound. If you have content, the quality of video sum up 50% of your success and the other 50% is made up by sound.

Microphone selection

The kind of microphone you choose will depend on the kind of youtube videos you are making. Different microphones are used for a different occasion as we will see. You need a youtube microphone that best suits
the kind of videos you are making. How do you know which is the best microphone for your YouTube channel?

Before you purchase a microphone you need to know the best microphone for your YouTube channel. Whether you are in need of a starter microphone for your gaming or you need a microphone for recording your singing on youtube, our list will provide you with the best quality microphone within your budget.

The USB microphone: This microphone is good to use with computer around. They are probably the most common and popular. They can be used to make videos such as; game walkthrough, interviews,
vlogging and even podcasts.

Camera microphone: If you are using a computer indoors or you’re filming outside then there is
a need for an external microphone.

The lavalier microphone: these are clip-on microphones. They are used in
non-intrusive interviews or places where you are filming and you don’t want the
microphone to be seen e.g. pranks.

The iOS microphone: though few there are those YouTubers who will use their iPhones
to take videos. With this, they get not only the best videos but also quality sound.


Price: after knowing the right type of microphone to select, you need to consider your budget. You can go for the cheap ones or the expensive ones. The quality is all that matters in the end.

Microphone accessories: consider having microphone cases if you are traveling and also microphone stands. While purchasing you should consider all these applications.

Here is a list for the best microphones for YouTubers today. They are focused on the needs , connection, and their cost:

The Tonor Professional sound Microphone

This is one of the cheapest microphones. It has a jack that is 3.5 mm. If you are beginning your journey into
YouTube you can begin with this. Tonor’s sound recording quality is good and the stand can make it convenient for you. The downside of this microphone is it’s flimsy and very light. There is also a high distortion of sound when there are higher ranges. It is not good for singing.


This microphone is a multi purpose as it has both USB and a 3.5 mm jack pin. This can be an upgrade for your YouTube videos as it is not too expensive. The quality of sound is rated by reviewers as excellent. It reduces outside noise to a level. The quality supersedes the price.


For those filming in noise areas like playgrounds, airport etc. This microphone will serve you to the maximum. The microphone is made with a cardioid pattern to only pick up sound that is directly from the front. It is ball shaped which looks really fancy. This microphone is great for solo recording as it picks up a
sound in front. It is very good when you are talking directly to your viewers. It is definitely not good for singing.


This is a completely portable microphone. It is very affordable and is small. If you make videos with a lot of movements or you are conducting interviews, this microphone will work for you. It reduces noise giving you the extra quality you deserve.


The Yeti microphone has built its own reputation. The price isn’t cheap but its quality covers up for has a choice to choose between stereo input, cardioid or bi-directional. This can be useful for different situations and works well. The sound quality is unmatched. It comes with a small standing for positioning. If you want to go professional, you need to need to invest in a microphone like a yeti. It has a USB connection.


This microphone is expensive, over USD 200. Though it is expensive its quality is worth the price tag. It has the best cardioid recording pattern. It has a USB connector and a power supply for advanced voice. It is expensive but worth the price if you are going professional.


For a great video, you will need a great voice to succeed. Before investing in a microphone,
it is good to know which microphone best suits you. With microphones, there are things to consider; the price, quality and the situation. I would recommend investing highly in a good sound quality and the best microphone for your YouTube channel.