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Welcome to The Mic Lab! We are here to help you acquire the best microphone to available that best suits your needs. Click around and you will find comprehensive microphone reviews, mic stand reviews, preamp reviews, and more!

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Shopping for a microphone shouldn’t be difficult, but too often is. Here at The Mic Lab, we try to remove the pain that comes with shopping. On TheMicLab you can use our contextual reviews and video explanations to find microphones of the highest quality and the best price point.

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Stop spending hours of time researching and running around in circles getting nowhere when searching for the right microphone. We’ve thoroughly tested and researched the top brands for you and laid the information out for you in an organized manner.Discover our favorites this year and see how they break down in comparison to other top performing microphones.

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We believe in having professional equipment at a fair price.


When are ready to get deep into the specifics of each product you can check out our comparisons tool. Our microphone database consists of every major microphone company so you can quickly see the special features of each mic.


Trust us when we say there’s a lot that goes into shopping for a new microphone. Here, you can find the information you need with our comprehensive and selective process guide. Whether your looking for a microphone for youtube or podcasting, we set you up to make the best decision to meet whatever audio and singing lessons needs you might have.


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